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Tempur Ombracio Pillow

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Perfect for when you sleep on our stomach. Has a special patented design with indentations on the sides which allow easy breathing when sleeping on your tummies.

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7 reviews for Tempur Ombracio Pillow

  1. Michelle A.

    The pillow is so perfect for people like me who sleep on their tummy. Its comfortable and breathable even when laying face down. There’s no pillow like this out there made for specific sleeping position.

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  2. Day E.

    My first Tempur Pillow, definitely not my last. The shape is perfect for me who tends to also sleeps on my side while inserting my hands underneath the pillow. The notches perfectly cushions my cheek without making my hand that is underneath feel strained. It has enough support for my head too. Plus, I also bring this when i travel as its more versatile in function and use.

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  3. Ron C.

    Very interesting concept. The notches on the side do make it easier to sleep face-down with your head on your hands. This would be a great pillow for afternoon naps at your office desk, but it also works pretty well on a bed. Your mileage may vary.

    The pillow was very well packaged by the shipper.

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  4. Ivy L.

    Very comfy and huggable

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  5. Noe F.

    Loving the unique shape! Combines form and function.

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Additional information

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